Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, Memorial Day IS the 'official' start of Summer....and I've got Janis Joplin's "Summertime" playing in the I figured I'd write a bit before going off to a BBQ.

Been an "interesting" year so far, and I'm looking forward to how the rest of it plays out...gonna be pretty cool I think!!

I'm heading up to MI for my nephew's HS graduation next week, first 'road trip' of the summer and one I'm looking forward to - Dad hasn't been well lately and it'll be good to spend some time with him and Mom.

Cap'n Bob

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Enlightened Self-Interest

*big smile* I guess that's what those folks over at AIG are practicing! And to be quite honest, I can't blame 'em a bit. If we were short-sighted enough to let them have the money with no oversight OR strings, then WHY are we surprised they took what advantages they could? Seems a simple and uniquely 'American' approach. Whatever 'fault' there is lies with Congress and the Treasury Department - oh, DARN.....sorry, that's just the Republican in me showing! LOL

As I mentioned in my last post, we lost a pretty big contract in September 08. I've since been 'on the bench' waiting for a new posting. It's been a VERY interesting period. I've almost reached the conclusion that I don't WANT to return to the M-F 9to5 workforce ever again. Being retired has its perks, let me tell you!!! My 'alarm clock' has been turned off for MONTHS - love it! I suppose, if money were an 'issue' my perspective might be VERY different, but since it isn't, I could very easily become accustomed to the lifestyle I'm living now.

On the music front - just bought a new bass. It is by "Tune Guitar Maniacs" - a very well-known Japanese manufacturer (at least in JAPAN, It's got 'active' electronics, meaning it has an on-board 'pre-amp' circuit to adjust bass/mid/treble frequencies and a 'pickup sweep' switch that lets you dial in as much or as little of either pup as you like. Very different musically from my two passive basses. I'm leaning rather more heavily toward bass lately, as I've discovered that FAT FINGERS are somewhat of a disadvantage for the guitar...and even MORE so for the mandolin. Might be selling the mando and buying a banjo shortly...or even a ukulele.

See y'all on the water,
Cap'n Bob

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interesting Times

Well, it's official: our contract with the USG was not renewed. We have 30 days to transition our activities to a successor contractor. At the moment, I'm not entirely sure that I'm UNHAPPY about this turn of events. Unless of course I end up unemployed over then I can vote for Hussein Obama and he'll tax the rich and middle income people to support me! Not a bad plan......

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hurricane Gustav - Where Are You Headed??

The 1100 EDT NHC forecast has Gustav located 50 miles S of Haiti and 250 miles SE of Cuba. The US Navy track predicts he's headed for the middle of the Gulf by Sunday, and the NHC "cone" has us in the "possible" path. Looks like an interesting Labor Day weekend....

Since I haven't managed to consume ALL of the alcohol laid in for Fay, my Gustav provisioning will be somewhat simpler.....get some ice and a few barbecued chickens, and I may actually try to buy a few flashlight batteries this time too....thank god those C cells work in the sex toys TOO!!! *grin*

Honestly folks, when there are events like these on the horizon - humor is our best defense against the utter FEAR that Mother Nature can engender...and I DO take these things most seriously indeed - the cat, the guns, and I are always ready to head north! ;)

Cap'n Bob out

Fay Finale....08/26/08

Well, THAT was a mess indeed. Here in the Tampa Bay area we got around 1 inch and possibly as much as 2 inches of rain from TS Fay. However, many of my friends in other parts of FL did not fare quite so well:

Melbourne (Kennedy Space Center) - most places recorded over 22 inches of rainfall, and there were confirmed 30 inch falls. HEAVY flooding in some areas.

Lake City (I-10 and I-75 junction) - 60+ mph winds, and some downed trees, but surprisingly little rain considering the eye passed about 30 miles south.

Tallahassee (near the St Marks River mouth) - river was 8 to 10 FEET above normal levels for this time of the year. Not too many problems from the WATER....but when the river rises like that it drives the alligators closer to people's homes! YIKES......welcome to FL!!

Next post....watching Gustav.....

Monday, August 18, 2008

08-18-08 (Fay Update)

Just in case anyone is wondering - YES, we are watching Fay pretty closely here in the Tampa Bay Area. At the moment (1300 CDT) the bulk of the track predictions have Fay making landfall somewhere between Everglades National Park and Fort Myers, as POSSIBLY a Category 1 hurricane or very strong tropical storm. These track predictions are showing Fay to trend northwards after landfall, meaning Tampa Bay will PROBABLY not take a direct hit from either the CAT x or TS.

I will be taking the necessary precautions this evening - laying in copious supplies of alcohol and barbecued chickens - and we will most LIKELY be going to work in the morning...*sigh*

Hidee Ho Y'all....
Cap'n Bob

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy 50th to the Folks!

My brother, sister, and I hosted a celebration of our parents 50th wedding anniversary on July 4th. Approximately 75 relatives and friends joined us in congratulating Mom and Dad with a buffet dinner followed by a cake that was a replica of their wedding cake - complete with the original 'bride&groom' topper.

My very talented sister built a photographic presentation of their life together, starting with wedding photos, and interleaved with comments from family and friends. It was pretty impressive, and quite moving.

After the 'official' party was over many folks joined us at the farm where my brother and I lit off a fireworks display that rivalled many small towns! Ah, I love the smell of black powder! ;)

Here is the family photo/portrait. Me on the left, brother Jeff in the middle, and sister Andrea on the right -- Mom and Dad of course in front.